Navy Hook A Kid On Golf Program Kit

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This program kit may only be purchased using your installation's funds.

The mission of Hook A Kid On Golf is to provide communities with a comprehensive youth golf program that eliminates all the obstacles that discourage youngsters from learning and continuing to play golf while instilling in them an understanding of golf's rules, etiquette and history.

What that means is that the program provides a community with all the tools necessary to provide an organized youth golf program.  These tools include providing quality equipment, affordable instruction, a structured system to learn how to play the game on the course and, finally, a format for play that includes competition but stresses fun and learning.

This kit, designed specifically for the Navy, will allow a base to implement its own comprehensive youth golf program.

The kit will include:

  • 1 Program Manual
  • 1 Hook A Kid On Golf Instructor Shirt
  • 10 Sets of Junior Golf Clubs
  • 10 Hook A Kid On Golf polo shirts
  • 10 Youth Golf Hats
  • 10 Sleeves (3-Pack) of Golf Balls
  • 10 Bag Tags

Our office will contact you after placing the order to select club sizes and shirt sizes.