Why Johnny Hates Sports

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All across the country an ever-increasing number of children are dropping out of organized sports because the system they play in is failing them. Written by Fred Engh, founder and president of the National Alliance For Youth Sports and one of this country’s leading advocates of children’s sports, this book examines organized sports from all angles. Engh explains how and why many of the original goals of youth leagues have been affected by today’s win-at-all-cost attitudes and he documents the negative physical and psychological impact that parents, coaches and administrators can have on children. Most important, he provides a wide variety of proven solutions to each and every one of the problems covered. Throughout the book Engh relates stories drawn from hundreds of real life experiences. Why Johnny Hates Sports clearly shows us that a serious problem has been going on for too long – a problem that, until now, has been tolerated by most, with little concern for its effect on our children.